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Mobile application is the progress of programs that can be operated by users of devices such as mobile phones, palm-tops, personal digital assistants and the like. Mobile application is gaining in importance these days as the functionality of these devices is on the rise. What people could do only with a personal or notebook computer a few years ago is now possible on a mobile phone because of mobile application.

Examples of such applications are programs that allow for payments to be made by cell phone, software for tracking sales objectives, meetings and performance, personal database that assists in organizing one's contacts, tasks and appointments in order, secure password storage, parcel tracking software, software that lets the user to connect to a remote meeting/consultation hall etc. Mobile applications are a promising new way to create and manage data.

The various technologies used in mobile application include Java, Symbian, Android Mobile, Windows Mobile, and BREW. As Java is platform independent, you can expect a reasonable performance from your java-enabled phone. The advantage of using Java is that it is quick and runs on many platforms. The Symbian platform is reputed for its undeniably large market share. It is open-source software sponsored with application technology and know-how from Nokia, Docomo and Ericsson. Android is a mobile operating system that has been developed by a consortium of manufacturers such as Google, Qualcomm and Motorola etc. It is a combination of Java, Linux and C, C++. Windows Mobile was originally developed for palmtop computers and smart-phones but was later extended to a number of other devices. The advantage with using Windows Mobile is that the .NET framework can be used on the device. BREW is the technology that is used for hosting advanced applications on CDMA phones.

We provide following application services in mobile development field :

  1. iPhone SDK Applications
  2. iPhone Game Development
  3. Android Applications
  4. Android Game Development
  5. BlackBerry Applications
  6. BlackBerry Game Development
  7. PDA Applications
  8. Compatible Web Application

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