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Search Engine Optimization is part of website designing, web design is not just about creating the best looking websites. What is the point in having costly graphic design or a flash website if nobody ever finds it? Ask yourself what you expect from a website, or more importantly, what do your users expect? What is equally important is having a website that has been built from the very beginning with your keywords in mind to ensure you get found when it counts. Most people think that merely building a website and putting it online will be enough. In fact without website search engine promotion or search engine optimization and search engine submission, you will rarely see any visitors at all.

As seo services company goa, our search engine optimizers will make sure you are more visible all through the search engine. Our dedicated team will create perfect blend of what we call it as “On-page” and ”Off-page” optimization which will guarantee you to get desired results in organic fashion.  

 SEO project is executed as following :

1. Analysis of the Website.
2. Competitors Study.
3. Choose Popular Keywords and Key phrases.
4. Create Special Hidden Meta Tags.
5. Create Optimized Doorway Pages.
6. Work Out Search Engine Strategy.
7. Submission.
8. Track Your Website's Position.
9. Maintain website position.
10. Keep you updated with the statistics / traffic on your website.

On-page Optimisation includes : 

  • Optimising keywords - Placement and density
  • Optimising Metas
  • Optimising HTML Codes - Title tags, Headers etc.
  • Developing Internal linking of the website - if required
  • Getting rid of "garbage" codes - if any

Off-page Optimisation includes : 

  • Organic Link Building (Strictly no link-farming)
  • Developing Blogs
  • Developing Articles
  • Developing Press Releases
  • Getting rid of "garbage" codes - if any

Search engine optimization company faridabad provides web promotion for website by affordable process, some which of shown below.

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